Tuesday, December 29, 2009


How is everyone doing? Still celebrating or getting back to daily life?

I'm playing with my cardstock, stamps and ink - and having a LOT of fun :0)! (My family is being very patient!)

My "Hunkadorus" (hubby) is a wonderful tease. He has always said he loves every colour in the world - so long as it's white. So I'm making all sorts of colourful creations like this one -

And this is the one he is most excited about! LOL!

What's that old saying about opposites?! :0)

Have a truly fantastic day - I hope you are all getting ready for a super-special 2010!!

P.S. All materials Papertrey Ink!

(P.P.S. Sorry about the poor photo quality - not good weather for natural light today so they're a bit dark.)


Lori said...

Hi Nerina!! Your cards are beautiful!! I haven't used Little Lady in a loooong time!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! :)

Ted said...

Your husband is lucky to get such an awesome card. :) I love the color choices. :)

Noora said...

simple yet beautiful...love the pattern you created in your first card!

Diane Jaquay said...

The top card is FABULOUS!!! And I love the ladybug on the bottom card, so CUTE!