Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moxie Fabulous and 2S4Y

Two great challenges up this week :0)

When I saw this picture from Cath at the Moxie Fab World I had to smile - the challenge is called "Sweater Weather" :0)

I know some people who could carry this one off - but don't happen to be one of them! 2S4Y has Laura's 64th Sketch up ... and this is where these ideas took me ...


See the 'layering' for a 'sweater' challenge :0) Heeee!

Moxie Deet

The dress form that the sweater is hanging on was where the inspiration started  (love the colour - and this Fine Linen seemed like my closest equivalent) and then I had that cutie knitted stamp from WMS ... and some snow for the cold weather ...!!

Thanks for popping in! Thanks to Cath and the ladies at 2S4Y for the challenges and the fun!

Have a goodie peeps!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Mail!! :0)

I'm one of the happy people on the planet at the moment - the gorgeous stamps I won in Caardvarks August Challenge arrived this week !! I really want to say a HYOOOOOOGE thank you to both them and Just Rite for their incredible generosity :0) Five new stamp collections and their stamp bases have come to live at my house and I'm having fun!

The "Old Fashioned Christmas" set had a gorgeous card by Debbie Olsen on the packaging which was soooooo inspiring, I took a few hints from her and tried a card of my own :0)

Snowman Fuzzies

I'm still a Prismacolor girlie here :0) And thoroughly enjoyed doing a spot of colouring in for a change.

Snowman Fuzzies Deet

A little bit of Prisma Glitter for some snowy shine ... and a sentiment that makes me smile - especially paired with this image! L0L!

Thanks for popping in :0)

Hope there is something happy to celebrate in your day too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi Peeps! I have been wanting to post something on my blog for this important theme - and decided to dedicate today to it. For a special reason. For a special person.

I'm sure all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer - or lost loved ones to some form of this horrible disease. Today, as I'm writing one of my friends is presently recovering from the surgery she had earlier today - for a mastectomy.

So my blog post today is dedicated to her. It seems like such a natural day for me to remember to educate myself - and there is a whole website which addresses this issue.

I had really wanted to make a card for my friend using the colours provided for the last WPlus9 Colour Q Challenge - but just couldn't get the grey to agree with the light look I wanted. Full of life and hope. Hopefully those colours will still make an appearance here soon ;0)

 Breast Cancer Card

This uses the pink we associate with this theme - but also some paper from Basic Grey's Sugared Collection - with the gorgeous green accents, and Waltzingmouse's darling Teeny Tiny Trees!

Breast Cancer Deet

Some silk ribbon embroidery and some shiny rhinestone bling - for softness and sparkle. I'm looking forward to speaking with my friend soon and finding out how things went for her.

I promised an update on the hunkadorus' birthday card - and the news is good. But not THAT good ;0)!He liked the card and said so. So I really do think it went over well.

But he LOVED the chicken and mushroom dinner I made for him and RAVED about that.

What's that old saying about the way to a man's heart?? LOL!

If the sun comes out nicely tomorrow I may retake these pics. It looks like a lovely shower of rain is brewing!

Have a fantastic day!

ETA - These are the new pics - the sun did come out in the end! But it wasn't rain that was brewing - it was SNOW! My friend is also doing very well, I'm *so* happy to say :0)!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunkadorus!

Hi Peeps! Another week has started!

We finished collecting firewood on Saturday and have a lovely fire crackling today. It's deeply overcast and chilly - everyone feels cold right down into their bones. We're feeling *really* grateful for our happy blaze!

Here is a sneaky peek at my Hubby's birthday card! It's his birthday on Wednesday. He tells me that he very occasionally clicks onto my blog - but I don't think it's often enough to spoil a surprise :0)

Happy B'day Hunkadorus!

He's a real CAS lover, I need a teeny bit more than the bare essentials - hopefully this one got it right for both of us!

Happy B'day Hunkadorus! Deet

The top panel has the leaf die cut through it - the one underneath it has the leaf stamped with Antique Linen Distress Ink and the veins are heat embossed with gold.

Ta - da! I'll report back in due time with how it went down *wink*! LOL :0)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Helloooooo and a Tuesday Trigger!

Hi Peeps!! I've been a bit AWOL lately, I'm so sorry! :0) We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and have celebrated another birthday in the family .... and next week we get to rejoice with the Hunkadorus on his special day too!

Look at this beautiful picture which Cath Edvalson put out for the Trigger on the Moxie Fab Blog this week - *sigh* it's just sooooooo elegant! The Trigger is called - "Languish in Luxurious"!

I pretty much knew straight off the bat which direction I wanted to go (courtesy of a little inspiration from Maile Belles - she has been making these cute frames lately ...)

Trigger Tuesday

The Damask Designs was a given - don't you think? And I thought the rhinestones sort of echoed the bright orchids against the wallpaper background. They almost seem to float in space!

Trigger Tuesday Deet

The satin bow is a tribute to the 'luxe' idea in the Trigger title!

On a final note, I have some pretty exciting news to share with everyone - hopefully soon. It's just bursting to come out - but these things take a bit of time! Eeeeek!

Thank you so much for popping in and visiting with me today! We're enjoying a beautiful sunshiney one ... but the heating kicked in last night. The cold weather is truly coming - ready or not!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Teeny Tiny Tree!

Hi everyone! If you've been around the blogging world lately you've probably heard more than one person talk about how amazing Claire's new "Teeny Trees" set is, from Waltzingmouse. Well, I'm another convert! They are simply ADORABLE! There are even little trees in there that remind me of those cutie pics that children's books are decorated with. It's hard not to exclaim out loud when they make an impression on paper - soooo cute!

This card was inspired by one that I saw here on Debby's blog - so clean and refreshing!

Pretty Christmas

Lots of ruffles, pearls and lace :0) I had a real desire to make something girly. The background cardstock is PTI's new Fine Linen.

Pretty Christmas Deet
A bit of gold embossing for the stars (isn't that just the most amazing decoration for a tree??! Eeek - it's lovely! I just can't get over the creativity that went into this set!) and some white embossing for the Fancy Flourish.

Thanks for popping in!! Hope your weekend is full of happiness and delights - even the small kind!

We're getting ready for Canadian Thanksgiving - which happens on Monday ... and one of the Tiddleywinks was born on Thanksgiving, so we have another birthday to look forward to this week too :0)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Something Sweet :0)

Hi Peeps!! Firstly a HYOOOOOOGE thank you to everyone who left me love for my birthday! It was sincerely appreciated - and I had the most incredibly wonderful day! Just one of those days where everything is slow and mellow and happy!

I was given something really lovely - and have been commenting on the cut, colour, brilliance and clarity ever since ... scroll down for a view at those lovelies :0) heeee!
And a little card - I'm not the only one blessed with a birthday at this time of the year. This was made  for a friend :

Not complicated - just sweet ... and I think she will like it that way :0) Do you know that this new wreath set actually arrived on my birthday too - wooohooo, fabulous timing!
Just a little prisma glitter in the flower centres for some sparkle and a bit of inking on the edges to keep it soft!

Now for the fun :0)

About that "brilliance, clarity, cut and colour" .... aren't they just lovely :0)!! My hubby really knows the way to my heart - these are proving a dream to use! I'm so thrilled that the lines are etched into them - my previous blocks were thin (easy to drop) and the lines are all wearing off because they were painted on. A real love affair happening here with these guys, I can tell 'ya!

Well, thank you for squeezing in some time for a visit!

Blessings for a *totally* fabulous kind of day!! :0)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

W Plus 9 - Colour Cue Challenge

Hi Peeps! I have been thinking about these Color Cue colours at W Plus 9 for a while .... (quite a while... the challenge closes in 2 days :0)!

I tried a few different ideas, but always felt that the end result was too 'rich' and overwhelming - it needed lots of white.

So in the end - this is where it went:

And it really felt better with all the lovely clean 'breathing space' in there to me :0)

The flower was made with Beautiful Blooms Dies, the circles are stamped with the Embellishments stamp set and heat embossed.

Thanks for peeking in - I'm flying through here! School calls and we'd like to finish up because it's my birthday - wooohoooo! :0)

Have a totally fantastic day Peeps!