Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Sad Goodbye :0(

Hi Peeps - some of you may have noticed that my beautiful "Designing For" blinkie has disappeared ... and rather than leave you wondering, I wanted to share a few words about that.

When I was offered the DT position at Penny Black it was under the understanding that I was free to choose which images I worked with and that they would all be at my disposal.

Unfortunately there seems to have been a 'broken telephone' situation and that wasn't the case. My crafting choices were made for me - and the last items I received were going to require me to change my crafting style substantially - and move in a direction which I hadn't anticipated, and honestly didn't really desire to go.

My blog has been a place where I've enjoyed sharing my little crafty adventures with the world - complete with the freedom to say - "Ooooh love this stamp" ... or "This one didn't turn out quite the way I'd intended" .... (That only happens to me - right :0) ?  And sometimes even say things like "wish this sentiment was a bit bigger .... "!!

I wanted to keep that honesty and openess here - but if I was crafting with things I hadn't actually chosen (and in some cases wouldn't chose) and was struggling to feel confident with, it was going to be a conflict of interest for me - and end up not being fair to Penny Black either.

So I chose to go back into obscurity :0)

Penny Black has a gorgeous line of products - some just too jolly cute for words and I would have loved the opportunity to get to know the line a whole lot better. However, as things turned out, I don't think I was the person they needed to showcase the specific products they had in mind for me.

I do want to wish both PB and their DT all the very best. What a gorgeously talented group their DT happens to be!! I LOVED the time spent working with you all - thank you all so much for that blessing!




{ kelly jo } said...

good for you for staying true to YOU!

Christina said...

Sorry to hear you decided to leave the DT, but I truly admire you for sticking to what felt right. I completely agree with you on the importance of being able to say what we truly think of the products we use. I'd hate to see you change your style of crafting or blogging, so I'm glad we'll continue to see the real YOU! Big hugs!

Sara said...

This was so refreshing to read! I love that you decided to stay true to your own crafting style. My favorite type of blog to read are those that simply do what they love without trying to please others. I love your blog and your cards. Thanks for keeping it so real.

Karen H. said...

Back to obscurity - no, obscurity is not be the word. I'm sure I'm not the only lurker of your blog.

I love your style and am glad you've chosen to stay true to what you enjoy doing.

Aimes said...

Oh Nerina I'm so sorry this DT position didn't work out for you. But I'm so proud of you for sticking to your guns and staying true to yourself! After all, this whole stampy thing is s'posed to be fun! What fun is it when you feel under pressure and uncomfortable? Well y'know I adore your style and if one thing's for sure - you most certainly NOT back to obscurity!

Terri said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out but I think you did the right thing. I quit design teams in the past because I was not able to chose the images I wanted to work with either. I am glad to have the freedom to make what I want now. Hopefully you will too.

Ingrid Danvers said...

I am sorry to hear that it didn't work out, Nerina. Maybe it wasn't an easy decision (been there, done that....), but it's good that you stayed true to yourself. If you don't feel comfortable about it or about the products you have to work with then it just doesn't work.