Friday, July 1, 2011


First off - HAPPY CANADA DAY! I hope it's full of outdoorsy, family, happy times for everyone who is celebrating!

I also wanted to pop in a bit of over-excitement here : My very, very first publication acceptance is actually in PRINT and I can't believe it!

When the acceptance notice came through, July seemed like a looooooong way off - and WOW it's here already!

Paper Crafts have Stamp It - Cards Volume 8 on the shelf and I'm anxiously watching out for the mail at the moment! (But after the mail strike, things are going a little slooooooowly!)

O.K. so it's just a little teaser pic ... but I didn't get a REALLY good snap - and for a first it should be a REALLY, REALLY good one - don't you think?? :0)

I'm up for the Peeps Challenge this month - and hopefully will have that done a bit later today! Lots of stamping happening here at the mo and *not* much enthusiasm for the finished results - urgh!




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