Friday, August 31, 2012

Wonderfully Wonky

One of the Moxie Fab Challenges happening at the moment is the Asymmetry Challenge. Cath wrote a great post explaining what it is and then challenged us to create a card that had a sense of  'visually balanced, asymmetrical randomness' ... 

Random I may be sometimes - but it doesn't seem to translate into my card designs very well! But I wanted to play along and jumped in ... 

Colour My World

So what can I say? It's all on one side of the card - and it isn't a mirror image :0) So far so good. Ha, ha!

Colour My World Deet

I added little dots in the flourish to try and give that 'magical sparkles' feeling, like they do in the movies. (Disney does it better than I do). The paint on the brushes and the dots on the flourish all have a little spica pen glitter on them - so there is some animation to the card in reality. These balance the little gem on the pocket quite nicely.

So there it is. Not quite WONKY, wonky...but asymmetrical all the same :0)

Thank you so much for stopping in!

Have a glorious day!



P.S. If you love Waltzingmouse Stamps - please consider linking up a card for Claire ... thank you :0)!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Banner for Baby

Helloooo blogging world! Time to be Tuesday and I hope the week has gotten off to a good start for you!

I managed to find some moments to join CAS-ual Fridays for their 67th Challenge - Banners and Flags. This one was a bit tricky because I haven't gravitated towards a lot of banner cards. (Actually to be honest I tried a card that flopped hopelessly ... but anyway.)

Then the mail arrived (oh HAPPY day!) and in it was my coveted Grand Madison Window - and then the challenge wasn't quite so scary anymore ...  :0)


I thought the long pennants contrasted more with the little dress and also played up the proportions of the window more than rounded or triangular ones.

Pennant Deet

The background is sponged with a cloud mask for some interest.

So there it is. Thank you so much for stopping in for a while! 



P.S. If you love Waltzingmouse Stamps - please consider joining the card link that is running at the moment? Thank you!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Link Up for Claire

Helloooo sweet blogging people!

I don't know how many of you follow Waltzingmouse Stamps - home of Claire Brennan? Claire is someone I've always admired. She had a dream and followed it - and followed it beautifully.

She makes images which are loved the world over - and which have found a niche in my stampy collection too. But she doesn't just make stamps and sell them. I can't say that Claire is a buddy of mine, I've only ever known her through her business, but she still has taken the time to write me little notes on my receipts ... and she left a note or two on my blog in my lifetime. Claire is real and Claire is sweet.

So when I read THIS on her blog this morning, I was saddened to my core. But after getting over feeling really bad, I started to realise that this post doesn't breathe ONE SINGLE WORD about all of Claire's own effort that went into this release. All the love and preparation, all the behind the scenes management that she now has so little to show for.

The post talks about her customers - and how she will be contacting each and every one.

And it talks about how sad she feels for her manufacturer.

(And as most of you know, this isn't the first heartbreak Claire has had this year, she cancelled an earlier release after loosing her precious mum.) 

So please would you consider making something to honour this incredible lady, for her creativity, her kindness, her customer care and her downright honest-to-goodness integrity?

Claire you're one in a billion. I made this for you ...

Card for Claire

Peeps, please consider linking up a project below - I'll leave this link open for a month (long enough for Claire's stamps to come in!) Please consider sharing this link in your post, and please share the news with other people and let them know!

And please don't leave me any comments on this post. This isn't for me and it isn't about me. If you want to leave some love for Claire there, please do that too!

THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time!!! You're special too!



Thursday, August 23, 2012


Soooooo, I know you've seen this gal before ... you may even have seen her on this blog before ... but if you follow the Runway Inspired Challenge site, you probably saw her there first. :0)

I found the picture inspiring. I love the contrast of the black and white with that splash of orange - and  those sunglasses lend a cool urban vibe.

And then Cath has this Focal Point Challenge happening over at the Moxie Fab World (yup, you've probably heard about that already too :0)!

Anyway. I had this crazy desire to head out of my comfy design box and try something a little bit graphic and a little bit cool. So with that inclination and some time ...


I'll give a little recipe at the end of the post for anyone who is interested in the 'how'. I don't have a digital cutter or huge alphabet letters ...

U Deet

I was really happy with how this one turned out - my little stint at graphic design :0)!

Thanks for stopping in!



So the how:

All I had were some Block Alphabet Dies that stand about 3/4" tall. So this recipe is for those:

1. Die cut u from black paper
2. Photocopy image at 200%, photocopy enlarged image by 141% again (limits of my copier :0)!
3. Cut out larger image.
4. Die cut circle from black cardstock. Affix enlarged letter to circle with one serif over the circle edge.
5. Cut around letter with a craft knife.
6. Discard positive image and affix remaining circle to card.
7. Stamp 'miss'.
8. Adhere flower and rhinestone centre.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Pocketful of Posies

So what is better than a pocketful of posies? How about three pockets, each with a rosey? (Sorry, it's getting late ...)

I made this card for the Moxie Fab World Repetition Challenge. Cath mentioned all kinds of repetition in her post - from a subtle design element, to an image.

I love image repetition, where one of the images is different in some way from the others - and the difference does something to evoke or underscore why the card is being sent.

Pocketful of Wishes

By making the last rose red and adding a heart to the pocket, I hope that my recipient will feel that they have my love, not just my best wishes, which hopefully will make the card more personal and meaningful to them. 

Pocketful of Wishes Deet

I hope that the contrast between the first two pockets and the last one will also help my recipient to see at a glance that they are extra special. The first two roses are pretty, but the last one goes a little further - just like my 'best wishes' do too.

A construction note - it's hard to see in pictures, but my little roses all have a touch of Spica glitter on them, just to add a little dynamic sparkle.

I hope that all makes sense :0)!

Thanks for popping in again and visiting for a while!

My *BEST WISHES* to you for a wonderful day!



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Wing and a Prayer

Weeeeell. I had some crafty time today. Maybe it was Shakespeare with the kids that was so inspiring this afternoon? (More likely that my hubby has taken over doing dinner!!) but there was this little patch of crafty time that suddenly reared up and surprised me. 

The Moxie Fab World has a Movement Challenge at the moment. Cath has posted some scrumptious cards with designs that help your eye to move all over a card front.

I thought that I'd start with something that we associate with movement - like butterflies. 

Wing and a Prayer

The movement in this card is based on the sentiment. And those butterflies lead your eye, up, up, up and right off the card, where your mind's eye should keep the movement going.

Wing and Prayer Deet

Up, up, up, like a prayer.

The butterflies in the bottom left hand corner are negative die cuts, with a sheet of turquoise paper placed underneath them. The postive die cuts are placed on the top with their wings lifted and rhinestones studded down their bodies. The rest of the images are stamped.

Thanks for popping in AGAIN today ...

Now to give this poor blog a little rest :0)



Not Quite Black and White ...

Helloooo Blogging Peeps! Happy Tuesday - I hope it's behaving well for you!

This is the inspiration picture up on the Runway Inspired Challenge site today - and it's one I felt instantly inspired by - so clean and classy. There is so much to do with this one, but my eye was immediately drawn to the floral pattern on the bottom of her shirt - it has such a great organic feel to it, with tiny touches of green and blue added to the mix.

It reminded me of my Vineyard Impression plate. So I applied some white ink to that with a brayer and ran some black cardstock through over the top of it. The result wasn't quite what I had expected (I guess the impression on the plate isn't the same depth on all of the design elements) but I liked it enough to continue - and here is where it went:

Runway B&W

The floral detail is from WPlus9's Flora and Fauna 1 - and I have to admit I used this one because I loved Cristina's inspiration card which used the same set and the same flower SO MUCH! (They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :0)! I added in some chevron patterned ribbon and a little strip of pinked chartreuse to bring in the touches of blue and green in the original inspiration pic. There is a touch of woodgrain on the rear panel, in lieu of the pinstripes.

Runway B&W Deet

I'm popping this in at the Moxie Fab World too - they have The Focal Point Challenge on at the mo.

Thank you for popping in here! I hope you get to try something creative and fun today :0)

My best wishes to you!



Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hello Sweet People! Two posts in two days, but I wanted to put them in together, because they're so similar!

The challenge over at CAS-ual Fridays this week is Splish Splash - something you might see in or at the ocean. And the sketch on the left is from Card Positioning Systems this week. Hmmmm. A large focal image and lots of bubbles maybe :0)!

So using that as my inspiration, here is my little seaside card for both challenges ...

Hi Sub!

Just a little stamping, some colouring and a hint of dry embossing for a touch of extra interest, the little bubbles are polka dot stamps ...

Hi Sub! Deet

The sentiment is popped up on some foam for added interest (love my handy little tweezers!)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having an awesome weekend. We're due to hit 38 degrees centigrade today. Aaagh! 

The seaside sounds pretty good right now!



Friday, August 17, 2012

Waltzingmouse August Blog Hop

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be joining Waltzingmouse Stamps for another Blog Waltz! It has been a while!

The theme for this round is Birthdays. And what better way to celebrate a birthday than a set of stamps that hadn't been inked yet?!


The images in the centre circle of this card are all mounted on acetate for dimension.

ahoy! Deet

I stamped a little loopy image on the back panel, to try and give the feeling of water - drawn by a child.

Lots of fun colouring and getting the concept together for this one. I really enjoyed the process and the opportunity to play along.

Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek! 

Enjoy the waltz! :0)



P.S. It says Happy Birthday inside :0)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Little Kraft

Hellooo lovely people! The last card I made was all about enjoying colour, this time the inspiration is all about kraft! (Nothing like 180 turns to keep life interesting :0) Hee.

This challenge was posted on A Blog Named Hero and it's the first time I've played along with them.

I was quite inspired by a Kim Hughes project in PaperCrafts "Card Sketches" a while ago, which used lovely sparkly poinsettias on kraft. I wanted to use the concept in a different way, so that's where this started:

Kraft Floral

The floral images were heat embossed onto kraft cardstock and then coloured with Copics. (It's a tad messy and the white embossing does tend to get a bit coloured. I find if you go back with a colourless blender and flick those areas, most of the colour comes off - but if you keep colouring over it with the blender, the embossing starts getting mushy. Not good :0)

Kraft Floral Deet

I coloured a second layer of small flowers to layer over the large ones, they're popped up on some foam for a bit of dimension.

My gel pen came out of retirement to finish this off with some faux stitching. The poor thing has been so neglected, I'm glad the ink was still runny!

I love the richness that kraft gives to Copics. There is an added depth to the colour that doesn't naturally exist. Add some sparkles to the mix and  - *poof* instant happy :0)

Thanks for stopping by!



Stamps:  Layered Flowers, Thank You Sayings (Hero Arts)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little Colour

Helloooo beautiful blogging world! This is the inspiration picture that is being showcased on the Runway Inspired Challenge  #17 - Carlos Miele. Don't you love the flutters and the colour mix?

I thought I would combine this with CAS-ual Friday's, who have a Square Card Challenge for this week. (CFC65).

I wanted to keep my card really clean...and it took me here:

Orange Bloom

In my heart, when making this card, I had really wanted the purple pearls to be lovely artsy ink/paint splotches - like Aga makes. Here is a sample. Aga, I would pay money to sit and watch you make splotches!!

Alas, for my card I didn't have the courage or the know-how, so if anyone else has paint splotch tutorials to point me to they would be warmly appreciated :0) Thank you!

Orange Bloom Deet

So there it is! Pearled but sadly, not splotched. :0)

Thanks for the visit - have a blessed day!



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Queen Bee

Helloooo Sweet Blogging People!

I can't really believe that it's Thursday already! Wowzers, with Monday having been a public holiday, this one has flown away on me here.

Here is a little card, which I made for a friend who worked REALLY hard recently, to make a weekend fun for a lot of people. She really inspired me with her selfless giving. I thought that I could try to honour her hard work, using a 'busy as a bee' idea, and also  try to incorporate a 'best among us' concept. 

Queen Bee

The images have so much lovely detail that I used a tiny dash of colour to finish them off - it didn't need much. 

Queen Bee Small Deet

I used a little glossy accents on the bee's eyes and thorax for some shine and dimension and coloured over the wings with a clear spica pen to add some shimmer.

Queen Bee Deet

The focal panel is mounted on another one, embossed with woodgrain and some rhinestones and ribbon finish it off.

I hope she likes it!

Thanks for popping in! I hope that you manage to fit everything in that you needed to do this week :0)



Stamps: Queen Bee (Clear Art Stamps)
Honey Bees (PTI)
Embossing Plate: Woodgrain (PTI)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey Sweet People!

How is your week getting along? I thought I'd play in Casual Friday's Cloud 9 challenge once more, all about those things you'd see in the sky!

So birds, balloons, airplanes, clouds, suns, banners, flags - how about this? :

Hey Diddle

I know it's pushing the definition a little bit, but I couldn't really resist :0)

Hey Diddle Deet

I love this critter's HUGE NOSE! So cute!

Ha, ha!

I hope you've had a smile and are off to enjoy the rest of your day! :0)

Hugs to you!



Stamps: e-i-e-i-o (My Cute Stamps)
Heirloom Patterns (Waltzingmouse Stamps)
Masculine Motifs, Bitty Baby Blessings (PTI)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Soooo, Thank Goodness...

It's Friday! um, Monday!

It's a public holiday, what can I say? :0) Here is round two for this weeks Tuesday Trigger over at the Moxie Fab World "Type Hype". It just seemed a bit sad - with all the cute typewriter images that are available at the moment, not to include one on my card. 


I kept my original inspiration intact and instead of creating a sentiment, used the inspiration of the different coloured typewriter keys to create this abbreviation.

The keys were all given a good coating of glossy accents to get that lovely acrylic shine!

Typewriters Deet

There was a choice of sentiments for the sheet of paper in the typewriter. I loved this "Dear Boss" - Dear Boss, Thank Goodness It's Friday (and I can go home) ... seemed a bit tongue in cheek to me :0)

I'm popping this into the Clear Art Stamps Linky Party for this month too.

Well. It's Monday.

But I hope it's a good one!



Stamps: Office 101 (Clear Art Stamps), 
Typewriter Alphabet (Hero Arts) 
Polka Dot Basics (PTI)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunny Days

They really ARE sunny here right now. We're looking at 40+ degree centigrade weather this weekend - eeeew!

A friend here has embarked on a trip down to New Zealand, where she will be cruising around to various islands on a large catamaran. Wow. I can only imagine! A trip like that required a card, and this is the one I made for her. 

I really loved the way Maile Belles used the dotty image over the sunrays in one of her DT projects when this stamp set was released. I think it adds so much to the image.

Sunshine Deet

And of course - this card isn't really about sunshine, but a trip - so the inside looks like so:

Sunshine Inside

No rocket science here. Just happy wishes and some sunshine :0)

With so many of our thoughts turning to the U.K. with the Olympics happening there, I thought it would be fun to play in the A Passion for Papertrey Challenge blog this week. It's all about summer. 

This is also heading off to play in Casual Fridays CFC64 - On Cloud Nine (Things you'd see in the sky).

Hope your day is full of blessings and sunshine! Thanks for stopping in!



Stamps: Hello Sunshine, Postmarks (PTI)
Dies: Flipping Out, Clouds (PTI)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank Goodness...

It's Friday!! And there was some time this week to play in Moxie Fab's Trigger, "Type Hype" :0)

Here is the inspiration pic:

A typewriter write? I really loved the keys. Loved that they were pretty, unexpectedly coloured - and also that the coloured keys didn't spell anything. If you try and make words out of the similarly coloured keys you'll end up with a headache :0)!

So that was my inspiration. Coloured typewriter keys. No actual words.


I used the original colours of the keys and added green, because the key colours reminded me so much of this striped paper from the Thrift Store collection by October Afternoon.


The focal panel is mounted on another panel which is subtly embossed with typewritten words.

I made a REALLY EXCITING discovery while making this card. These typewriter letters from Hero Arts fit inside the empty circle image from Papertrey's Polka Dot Basics set! So happy about that. I turned the circle image over to the 'negative' side to stamp the colour over the letters (loved the imperfection of this) and punched them out with a 3/4" punch.

Not too complicated, but fun!

Hope you're having a HAPPY FRIDAY! Thanks for stopping in and visiting!


Stamps: Typewriter Letters (Hero Arts)
               Polka Dot Basics (PTI)
Debossing Plate - Book Print (PTI)
Paper - Thrift Shop Collection (October Afternoon)